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Beginners are welcome to either join the Mysore class directly and learn step by step there or learn in a Beginners Worksop that will be held.  

If you are joining directly to the Mysore class you are asked for a minimu, two week commitment, due of the nature of the practice and how it is taught.

The practice is learned step by step, the first day most students do not learn more than Suryanamaskara and Padmasana.  Gradually asanas are added so the student starts to build up the sequence and work diligently.   As the mind and body first memorises the sequence, the body slowly starts to open up and build enough strength to be able to handle what is being given.   It is important that the student can sustain what they have on a daily basis.  It is important in Ashtanga not to try and rush to learn too fast.  This way you can harm yourself, burn yourself out, and, most importantly, you miss out on all the juicy lessons that the practice, your body and your mind have to teach you on this powerful journey.

Ashtanga for beginners workshops

Eva will be holding workshops preparing students for the Mysore room, for those who are a bit apprehensive to start in the Mysore setting.  Foundations of the practice will be talked about and through course the students will begin to learn the first part of the primary series.  It can be expected that by the end of the course students should be able to do, from memory, Suryanamaskaras, Standing asanas, possibly one or two of the seated primary asanas  and the final three closing postures, depending on the group. 

This workshop is designed to give the students a feel for the Ashtanga system as it is traditionally taught with a little back knowledge, space to air questions and to give them the confidence to come and join the Mysore room.

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