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Mysore classes

Mysore style is the traditional way to teach and learn the Ashtanga system.  It takes its name from the city in south India, where both T.Krishnamacharia and Sri K PAttabhi Jois taught and where both his daughter Saraswathi Jois and grandson Sharath Jois continue to teach.  It is the source of Ashtanga yoga.


In Mysore classes students are taught individually within the class setting. The student is taught each asana one at a time.  Everyone starts with Suryanamaskara A and B and finishes with Padmasana.  As they continue to practice they eventually build up their sequence and everyone will practice the standing postures, followed by the seated postures (which will be either from Primary, Intermediate or Advanced sequences depending up to where they have learnt with their teacher) followed by backbending, and finally ending with the closing sequence and rest. 


Students practice at their own pace, following their own breath up to where they are working until within the Ashtanga sequences. Like this the students can really focus into their own practice and their own self.   Beginners and students with newer practices generally have shorter practices than more experienced practitioners.  Over time the students flexibility, strength, stamina and concentration develop and gradually more postures are given by the teacher.

The teacher both physically assists and gives verbal instruction to help the student discover and get deeper into the asana. 

Mysore Classes are taught Monday to Friday 7 am - 9 am at Mysore Koh Phangan.




























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