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Petra Bockova

I have practiced with Eva for about 5 months and I am forever grateful to be her student. I have learnt so much about the ashtanga method and myself at this time because of the tremendous knowledge, care, experience and devotion of my teacher. She’s passionate about what she does and so great in keeping me motivated to get on the mat every morning! In the shala she creates safe and caring environment and her adjustments feel just right, being precise but gentle at the same time. Our group felt like a family to me and I can’t wait to come back as soon as I can! Love x

1st July 2019

Tania Nur Hadwar Follador

For me practicing with Eva made me fall back in love with yoga. She guided me into a spiritual aproach to the practice and I felt in constant touch with a deeper meaning of yoga, understanding it's roots and goal further more than only the physical practice.

Also, I develop my physical practice in a way I didn't expected. I was surprised how the pains and injuries I have had for so long started to go away. I've been practicing yoga for 8 years and thanks to the practice with her I realised so many things I was doing wrong, Eva's correct alignment completely change my practice!! (And she is working on you all the time!).

17th June 2019

Christina Titi Papaliozi

When I arrived in koh-phangan this year it supposed to stay two weeks, finally i started ashtanga practice with Eva and I stayed two months! Now I know that ashtanga is one part of my life! And I am looking forward to practice again with Eva!!

19 January 2019

Michael Kenneth Anderson

Two weeks of Mysore style yoga with Eva helped my practice to evolve far beyond my expectations. Her experience and deep understanding of both the physical and energetic aspects of Ashtanga were invaluable in guiding me beyond my percieved limitations.
Hope to have the good fortune of practicing under her skilled teaching again 

from Reviews section in Facebook page ASHTANGA YOGA WITH EVA ZIKIS

Federica Mammoliti

My first Mysore class was with Eva, since then I completely fell in love with this discipline! 
Eva is an amazing and powerful teacher! She teaches following the tradition and she always give me good advices. Eva is always smiling and lovely, she adjust the positions in a gentleway(personally I really like this!)she never push you, and she 'listen' what the body of the student need.
I hope to attend again an Eva class as soon as possible!
Thank you Eva

from Reviews section in Facebook page ASHTANGA YOGA WITH EVA ZIKIS

Zoe Jaures

Eva is a wonderful ashtanga teacher. She taught me well beyond the body and led me to deepen my understanding of asana practice and yoga as a whole. I recommend Eva's course to whomever wishes to further her/his Mysore practice in a thoroughly traditional setting.


Zoe Jaures (France)

Reviews in Facebook page ASHTANGA YOGA WITH EVA ZIKIS

Karen Lumi Tanaka

I'm so lucky that my first experience of Ashtanga Mysore was with Eva. I fell in love with the practice under her guidance, her gentle approach and precise assistance. She's very patient and has the ability to motivate and build one's confidence in the practice without being pushy or overwhelming. With her I've developed a strong foundation that allowed me to go and practice with other teachers in India, but whenever possible I always come back to her. Thank you EvAshtanga! 


KarenLumi Tanaka 

Yoga Teacher in Koh Phangan

Reviews in Facebook page ASHTANGA YOGA WITH EVA ZIKIS

Eva Miklosova

I had a very good time to practice under the guidance of Eva. Her adjustments are gentle but same time precise so I felt safe during my practice. Feeling grateful for her care, guidance & motivation. She is a very good teacher following the the traditional ashtanga yoga method.
With gratitude, Eva from Slovakia


from Reviews section in Facebook page ASHTANGA YOGA WITH EVA ZIKIS

Francesco Trevisan

I am a beginner and i found the classes very useful ... i learnt many things. Eva is a very nice person, open minded and has patience to explain how ashtanga works. I recommend her.


from Reviews section in Facebook page ASHTANGA YOGA WITH EVA ZIKIS

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