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Eva is an Authorized KPJAYI (sri K PAttabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) Ashtanga Teacher.  She was given the blessing to teach by her Guru, R. Sharath Jois in January 2016.

Eva was born to a mother who encouraged her to look beyond the normal from a younge age.  Her mother introduced her to various esoteric concepts and taught her basic meditation techniques as a child. Eva first came across yoga in her childhood playing around with a Yoga book which was lying around the house. Although she never decided to go  deep at this stage,  she always felt that it would be something which would become a part of her life when she grew up.

During her travels in Peru in 2009 she stumbled across her first Ashtanga Mysore class.   Straight away she realised its power and dedicated the rest of her time there practicing.  However once she left she found it hard to find Ashtanga but very quickly began picking up a daily Hatha Yoga practice.   Within less than a year of practice she was being asked to teach, which at the time she did tentatively feeling she was too early in her own practice to really guide others.

After two years, in 2011 finally she began her path on the Ashtanga route, finding a small Mysore group in south Costa Rica in 2011.  From then on in she kept a regular Mysore practice.   By the time she reached Mexico City in 2012 she was lucky enough to practice with her first Authorised teacher Arne Espejel.  Due to her traveling nature she has been lucky enough to practice with many great teachers such as Hamish Hendry, Regina Ehlers, Louise Ellis, Rolf and Marci Naujokat, Boonchu Tanti, David Swensen.....

In July 2013 to deepen her knowledge she did a 200 hour TTC with Olivia Martinez and later an Ashtanga Intensive with David Swenson in 2014.

October 2013 was her first trip to the source of  Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore India to practice with her now Guru, Paramaguru Sharath Jois at the prestigious KPJAYI (K PAttabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Insitute).  Since then she has returned every year each time practicing for 3 months at the feet of her Guru.  

She received the blessing and authorisation to teach the Ashtanga method by Sharathji in January 2016.  In the fall of that year she also assisted him in the main Shala.

She began teaching Mysore classes in Koh Phangan, Thailand in 2016, first assisting in Yoga Retreat, before moving to Orion to teach.   She later decided to go independant and taught her own Mysore programme at Gaia yoga Shala.  She returned in 2017 to teach her programme at Pranayama Garden.

Eva tries to practice with Sharathji as much as possible and has been with him on tour in London, Bali and most recently Copenhagen.  She was also lucky enough to follow him on the Sadhana retreat to Utterkashi In the Himalayas.  


Eva is currently being guided through Intermediate Series with Sharathji and will be returning to practice under his guidance this coming December and January.  


When she is not in Mysore practicing or in Thailand teaching she can also be found practicing with whom she now considers as her western teachers, Regina Ehlers in South Goa and Hamish Hendry in London



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